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Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event. With the forums, we want to provide a resource available for you and your loved ones before, during, and after your breast cancer journey. Everyone can participate. Discuss what matters with members of the BABC foundation as well as members of the BABC community. Ask questions – provide answers – share your experience with other women that are going through this difficult phase… Replace their Hope with Joy!

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1. IDEOLOGY - What do we believe in?
We believe that every newly diagnosed patient with breast cancer can find well-being in their life. More importantly, we believe that a fuller and richer life after breast cancer treatment is possible.

We believe that patients should have a say in their treatment. The patients are fully involved in the process and should be in control to make informed decisions about their treatment. Therefore, they need access to objective, reliable information.

We believe that a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer, which considers patients as health care partners, is essential in order to guide and support patients. We believe that the healing process of breast cancer involves physical as well as emotional and intellectual reconstruction of a patient. Hence, we believe that achieving a long-term sense of well-being does not necessarily coincide with the end of curative breast cancer treatment.

We believe that the inner circle (partner, children, family, friends) of the patient diagnosed with cancer is also affected. They also need to be included in the process and should receive the necessary guidance and support by specialists.

We believe that increased research can lead to improved medical and surgical techniques, with fewer side-effects and less inconvenience for patients.

We believe that governments, insurers, regulators and health care administrators should limit the financial burden placed on both the patient and his/her family.

We believe that the healing process for breast cancer involves the physical, emotional and intellectual reconstruction of a patient and our Foundation aims to replace their hope with joy.

The beautiful A.B.C Foundation USA has no political or religious agenda.

2. VISION - What do we see and what would we like to see?
Objective information about the complete range of breast reconstruction options for patients is often unavailable, incomplete or difficult to access. The lack of this information contributes to feeling confused, desperate and helpless and can impair a patient’s ability to make critical health care decisions.

Specialists should spend more time with patients at the initial consultation and provide essential information about the disease and reconstruction options available. The patient should be a deciding partner alongside of the his or her health care providers, with all parties respecting one another and making decisions together. In an open, supportive environment, the patient should be encouraged to share important information about additional treatments and/or therapies they are exploring and doctors should be encouraged to understand their patient’s individual needs. The quality of training in the field of breast cancer, including the post-treatment period, should be enhanced.

The research to improve breast reconstruction techniques is poorly funded. As the challenges of reconstructive surgery differ greatly from cosmetic surgery, more investment into research in this area is needed.

We would like to see a better understanding of the importance of well being throughout the diagnose-treatment process amongst government, medical, partner health care professionals and insurance companies.


The Beautiful ABC Foundation is a global, multi-disciplinary, organization devoted to the reconstruction of a patient’s life following a diagnosis of breast cancer. Our Foundation aims to replace the patient’s Hope with Joy.

We act as a medium through which patients can discover a comprehensive approach to breast cancer and find inspiration that a life of joy, beauty and well-being is possible after treatment. The doctors involved advocate the title of “Reconstructive Surgeons” rather than plastic surgeons.

We providing objective, reliable information to both patients, his or her inner circle and the professionals involved. By doing so we will work towards enhancing the sense of well-being, offering advanced teaching opportunities, lobbying medical, insurance and governmental bodies. We invest in scientific research and provide financial aid to deserving individuals. BABC is a gateway for patients, the general public and the medical profession.

4. IDENTITY - What makes us unique?
In contrast to other cancer organizations, we start with the patient’s desired destination – the return to a rich, full life and restored body image.

Our approach is unique. We go further than a mere physical reconstruction of the patient. We empower patients to reconstruct their life and not just their body and give the support that the patient and his/her inner circle needs, whether it is physical, emotional or social.

This is achieved by continuous cooperation between the patient and a team of experts.

Additionally, we provide a discussion area on our website, were patients, their inner circle and professionals can hold conversations. This forum is a resource tool that serves as a guide for breast cancer patients; before, during  and after treatment and recovery. It helps provide knowledge and insight to not only breast cancer patients but as well as people who have become associated in the matter once the patient has been diagnosed. We aim to create an online support community that informs breast cancer patients on the many topics and discussions related to breast cancer in order to maintain the utmost physical, psychological and emotional care.

5. VALUES - What do we represent?
We represent professional quality and expertise. We also respect the patient’s involvement in the decision making process and firmly believe that this promotes a sense of well-being.

• HOLISTIC APPROACH: A patient diagnosed with breast cancer is considered as a “whole individual”, namely as a physical, emotional, intelligent and social being.

• IMPACT: A return to physical, emotional and intellectual well-being is of interest to all patients affected by breast cancer, regardless of their decision of whether to have a reconstruction. Besides the well-being of the patient, we also focus on the well-being of the patient’s inner circle such as the partners, family members, friends, etc.

• RESPECT: The patient should be in the driver’s seat. Respect for patient choices is the driving force behind our Foundation. Accurate, objective information puts the patient in control. We want to reach out to everyone.

6. AMBITION - When will we have delivered out promise?
When we have achieved the following goals:

• INFORMATION: When the website contains all the necessary information to help the patient make informed decisions about his or her treatment and doctors advise patients worldwide to visit us at babcusa.com.

• TEACHING: When breast reconstruction and post-cancer well-being is fully integrated in basic medical training and when surgeons from the developing world have access to training opportunities in specialized centers.

• LOBBYING: When the financial reimbursement for breast cancer treatment is maintained.

• RESEARCH: When the funds we have raised have been distributed to projects and scientists that are investigating methods to improve breast reconstruction techniques.

• FINANCIAL: When funds we have raised are being made available for individuals with insufficient financial means to consider reconstruction as part of their breast cancer treatment.