Heart break

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Re: Heart break
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Hi MarjorieJune, In the face of such a big health scare, many of us learn (more than we might want to know) about how we handle stress and crisis.  In this case, you may have also learned more about how he handles it.  As with many things, it can come down to how you decide to look at his reaction.  It IS sad but it may also be helpful to know this about him for the sake of understanding the limits of the relationship.  Give yourself a little grace to grieve for the changes in your health and for the love or dream you believed you had with him.  I would encourage you to avoid stewing too long in it without a break to spend time with people who love you and things you enjoy.  Maybe share you feelings with a trusted friend for support or consider a therapist if your feelings remain intense for too many weeks. 

Heart break
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I'm finding out through my breast cancer the people I thought would be there for me are the person I thought would be there for me not who I thought he was. After 8 years and granted the relationship was on and off but who would have thought the man that I spent eight years loving would completely disappear from my life upon my. diagnosis. I know I should be glad and my heart is really just completely broken.