Fun solution for the dreaded drains!

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Re: Fun solution for the dreaded drains!
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Kristina, the bags look great and with your skills I'm sure they are the finest quality.  Jan and Jo at the Cancer Resource Center would love to have a few of your pouches to hand out to patients.  They visit women during their hospital stay following mastectomy.  At least five women a week go through the center at med city for mastectomy.  They can use as many pouches as you can make, so keep sewing!  That is a wonderful way to help out.  Don't forget to drop off a few bags for me.    :) 

Re: Fun solution for the dreaded drains!
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I am so glad you shared this! This is very inventive, fun, and definitely something women having to undergo breast reconstruction tend not to think about that makes the recovery process somewhat easier. Any advice/info helps and I know a lot of women will appreciate this  :-*

Fun solution for the dreaded drains!
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Hi all!  My name is Kristina and I am one year past my double mastectomy.  One of the things I hated most during recovery was those awful drains!  They were always in the way and I had this crazy fear that I was going to drop them and they'd come falling out!  One day I used an old cross body purse that worked for me and made me feel so much better about wearing regular clothes and actually going out in public.
So now that I'm on my way to a new and improved me, I thought about those drains again.  I wanted to make something for other patients that had to have drains.  I'm a crafty person so I had lots of ideas.  After many 'prototypes', I created a simple pouch that can be worn around the neck or across the body to hold surgery drains.  My goal is to make a bunch of these and donate them to the hospital and surgery center!
Visit my website for the whole story and see some sample pictures -
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